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Landcert is a state wide provider of subdivision approvals and certification in NSW. The team of Subdivision Certifiers at Landcert can assist with your Torrens and Strata applications, including developments using the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code.

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Highly experienced subdivision certifiers specialising in


Complying Development Certificate

Under the Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code and Subdivisions Code, Landcert can issue a simple, straight forward and faster alternative to subdivide your block than a development consent obtained through Council.
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Landcert has the expertise and understanding to issue you with your Strata Certificate in a timely and efficient manner. 
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Subdivision Works

For land subdivisions, Landcert can issue subdivision work certificates to get you on the ground and working faster.
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Landcert can provide you with Design Compliance Certificates and Construction Compliance Certificates for any scale of project.
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The Landcert process

How we’re able to support you to bypass councils development approval process
Step 01

Lodge your plans

Remove the need to go through Council and fast track the subdivision of your development using the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code. Contact us to see if you can use this code to subdivide your land.
Step 03

Subdivision certificate

Landcert can issue both Torrens and Strata Title subdivision certificates. Contact the team at Landcert to see if we can get you your Subdivision Certificate signed and approved in days, not weeks.
Step 02

Plan assessment

Use our team of experienced Subdivision Certifiers to complete a thorough, yet efficient, assessment to check compliance of your plans.
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Servicing some of the largest Developers, Architects and Engineering Consultants across NSW.
"Responsive and on the ball"
I’ve been working with Landcert for some time. It’s a breath of fresh air having a Certifier that’s responsive and on the ball. Landcert’s efficiency means my team doesn’t suffer momentum loss with projects, ensuring all our subdivision applications run efficiently. My team feel comfortable calling and asking upfront questions, allowing them to set the projects up on the correct pathway, saving valuable time in the long run. I highly recommend Landcert to any other building designers or architects.

Elie Sleiman, Director, ES Design

"Thanks to Samir and Chris"
I would like to extend my thanks to Samir and Chris for their time in explaining the subdivision certification process for our approval – I really appreciate it. I look forward to working together with Landcert and building a great and collaborative partnership.

Aleksandar Samardzic
(Aleksandar + Gordon)

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