Landcert has the expertise and understanding to issue you with your Strata Certificate in a timely and efficient manner. 

We can assist you through the process of gaining a Strata Subdivision through Complying Development, or after the Development Application process through Council.

What is Strata Subdivision?

Strata Subdivision is a form of Subdivision that allows for the creation of lots where planning controls or development type may prevent a Torrens Title form of Subdivision.

The word "Strata" is defined as a number of portions or divisions. A Strata Subdivision is a process where separate owners can legally own a portion, or a division, of a larger development.

Strata Subdivision is an effective way to subdivide developments where Torrens title can not be completed. Developments including, but not limited to, Dual Occupancies, Terrace Housing, Residential Flat Buildings and Commercial/Industrial units can benefit from Strata Subdivision.

Once Landcerts Certifiers have assessed your application and signed your Strata Certificate you can than lodge this with NSW Land Registry Services and this allows for your units or dwellings to be sold separately.

Contact Landcerts team of Strata Certifiers to further discuss how we can assist you with your next strata development.

Certification process

Give Landcert a call to see if a lot can be subdivided under Strata title.
Step 01

Documentation assessment

One of our experienced Strata Certifiers will review your documentation.
Step 02

CDC issued, if required

If you haven’t got approval for Strata Subdivision through a DA, we may be able issue a Complying Development Certificate (CDC). Contact our Strata Certifiers to find out more.
Step 03

Inspection of development

Once your building is close to completion, your dedicated Strata Certifier from our team at Landcert will complete an inspection of your development. If any inconsistencies are identified we will discuss with you immediately so you can resolve without delays to your project.
Step 04

Strata Certificate approval

We sign the Strata Certificate for your Surveyor to prepare for lodgement with NSW Land and Registry office to create the lots. Once registered the strata lots can be sold as individual units.

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Experienced team

The Landcert team is highly experienced and recognised as an industry leading provider of subdivision certification in NSW. Specialising in Complying Development Certificates, Torrens and Strata Subdivisions, Subdivision Works Certificates, and Compliance Certificates.

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