Under the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, Landcert can issue a simple, straight forward and faster alternative to a development consent obtained through Council.
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What is a Complying
Development Certificate?

The Complying Development Certificate (CDC) is a fast-tracked approval that does not require a development application at your local council.

By utilising the Low-Rise Housing Diversity Code and the Subdivision Code, developers and homeowners can use CDCs for the development and subdivision of a wide range of building types, such as Dual Occupancies, Terraces, Manor Houses, Residential Flat buildings and Industrial/Commercial Developments.

Landcert's Subdivision and Strata certifiers can complete the entire approval process privately to avoid unnecessary delays through the Council development application approval process.

The dedicated, experienced and friendly Subdivision Certifiers at Landcert make sure you are aware of the steps in the process and any requirements you may need to address - well before the registration of your lots to ensure you are in the best position to fast-track your development.

Give our team of Subdivision Certifiers at Landcert a call to see how we can assist you with your development goals.

Certification process

Give our Subdivision Certifiers at Landcert a call to see if your lot can be subdivided using the Subdivisions Code.
Step 01

Preliminary Review for
suitability of lot for development

Give Landcert a call to see if a lot can be subdivided using the Subdivisions Code.
Step 02


Use our team of experienced Subdivision Certifiers to complete your assessment in days, not weeks.
Step 03

Complying Development Certificate issued

Our team issues your Complying Development Certificate. This confirms that subdivision of your lot is possible and approves your concept Subdivision or Strata Plan.
Step 04


Complete construction of your development and benefit from the relationship between Landcert and Buildcert to streamline your entire certification process.
Step 05

Subdivision Certificate
application and approval

Our experienced team will check your plans and sign your new Subdivision or Strata Plan, ready for lodgement with the NSW Land Registry Service to finalise the creation of your lots.

Get started, on your simple + fast approval

Use our team of experience subdivision Certifiers to complete your assessment in days, not weeks.

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Torrens and strata

Subdivision Certificates

Under the Subdivisions Code the Certifiers at Landcert can approve and issue your Subdivision Certificate, allowing for the creation of new lots, which then you as the developer can sell as individual titles.

Delays at this stage of your development can become very costly and have huge impacts on your profit margins. Use the extensive experience and knowledge within the Landcert team to ensure you are well prepared and informed prior to completing the application for your Subdivision or Strata Certificate.

Get your approval in days, rather than months 

All applications lodged with Landcert are assessed in days, not weeks, by our experienced and registered subdivision certifiers. 

Superior partnerships

Landcert + Buildcert have formed a unique partnership to streamline and accelerate the entire subdivision and building certification process right across NSW.
Buildcert is NSW largest and leading certification service provider. Partnering with builders, developers, architects, building designers, consultants and home owners to deliver a personalised and proactive approach to the building approval process. Buildcert currently service some of Australia's largest and most well recognised volume builders.

Experienced team

The Landcert team is highly experienced and recognised as an industry leading provider of subdivision certification in NSW. Specialising in Complying Development Certificates, Torrens and Strata Subdivisions, Subdivision Works Certificates, and Compliance Certificates.

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