Subdivision Works

Once you have received your Development Application from Council contact Landcert to get on the ground and working faster.

The Subdivision Certifiers at Landcert have experience across the full range of developments, having issued Subdivision Works Certificates (SWC) for subdivisions creating hundreds of lots including roads, drainage, onsite detention and water treatment devices.

We have detailed understanding of the requirements for the Growth Centre Precincts, having delivered approvals and certification for many of these precincts.

Use our experience to get your SWC faster and onsite working sooner.

What is a Subdivision
Works Certificate (SWC)?

Your Subdivision Works Certificate (SWC), or formerly Construction Certificate for Subdivision works, is the approval you need to get onto your site and start doing the works required by your consent. By fast tracking this assessment through the use of Landcert's experienced Certifiers you can commence your development earlier and save on holding costs and increase profit.

The team at Landcert have extensive experience in issuing Subdivision Works Certificates (formerly Construction Certificates) through almost all Councils within New South Wales. 

For development applications that were approved after 1st December 2019 Landcert will issue a Subdivision Works Certificate and for applications approved before 1st December 2019 Landcert will issue a Construction Certificate, due to changes in legislation.

With the depth of knowledge that we have within the Team at Landcert, we can complete a thorough, yet efficient assessment of your plans and either issue an approval or provide clear and concise guidance on what is required to get you on the ground and working sooner.

Certification process (SWC)

Give Landcert a call to obtain a quote for your Subdivision Works Certificate.
Step 01

DA from Council

Once this is achieved you are well positioned to take control of your project.
Step 02

Plan Assessment

Use our team of experienced Subdivision Certifiers to complete a thorough, yet efficient, assessment to check compliance of your plans.
Step 03

Issue of Subdivision Works Certificate/Construction Certificates

Our team will issue your Subdivision Works Certificate or Construction Certificate. This will allow you to get started on the ground and get your development rolling.

Get started, on your simple + fast approval

Use our team of experience subdivision Certifiers to complete your assessment in days, not weeks.

You can get a Subdivision works certificate

Subdivision Works Certificates can be issued for items including, but not limited to:
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Road and drainage, both private as well as roads which will be dedicated to Council
  • Retaining walls and structures
  • Inter-allotment drainage
  • Landscaping works
  • Infrastructure works
  • Onsite stormwater detention systems
  • Water quality treatment systems
  • Stormwater management systems and public domain works

Integrated Development?

The partnership between Landcert and Buildcert means we can provide you a one-stop shop to obtain all the required approvals for your Subdivision Works as well as building works. Use us to simplify your certificate needs.
Buildcert is NSW largest and leading certification service provider. Partnering with builders, developers, architects, building designers, consultants and home owners to deliver a personalised and proactive approach to the building approval process. Buildcert currently service some of Australia's largest and most well recognised volume builders.

Experienced team

The Landcert team is highly experienced and recognised as an industry leading provider of subdivision certification in NSW. Specialising in Complying Development Certificates, Torrens and Strata Subdivisions, Subdivision Works Certificates, and Compliance Certificates.

Contact us to see how our knowledge and experience can assist you with your development.

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